Rental Property

Ramport develops and manages various aviation infrastructure projects across Russia, Poland, Italy and Lithuania. Endeavouring to ensure maximum comfort and excellent services for both its passengers and business partners, Ramport offers a wide range of premises and property available for short and long-term rent.

Being amongst the main business activity centres in any region, airports provide a perfect base for starting up or further developing various businesses, including:

–          Duty Free
–          Retail stores
–          Restaurants and cafes
–          Fashion and accessories boutiques
–          Logistics
–          Gift shops
–          Pharmacy
–          Conferences
–          Banks and currency exchange
–          Post offices
–          Other

If you wish to learn more about the available rental property, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Form, or:

Location address:
Russia, Zhukovsky,
Moscow region,
Narkomvod Str., 23

Mailing address:
140180, Russia, Zhukovsky,
Moscow region
Gagarin Str., 5a