Through check-in is available for transfer passengers at Zhukovsky international airport

Starting from 2018, transfer passengers traveling through Zhukovsky airport will be able to access one-time check-in for connecting flights. Using this approach makes travel as easy as possible, minimizing the amount of transfer procedures and simplifying the planning of upcoming flights.

The main advantage of through check-in is that the passenger receives several boarding passes at the airport of departure all along the route: to the transfer-point and the final destination. Baggage will be automatically delivered to the next flight, you will not have to get it again. The only thing that is required from the passenger is simply to pass through the transfer corridor to the waiting hall and wait for the announcement of landing on next flight.

Information about the availability of this service can be obtained at the airport of departure from the airline’s registration agent.

Commenting on this event, CEO of “RAMPORT AERO” Thomas Vaišvila noted: “Through check-in is one of the most convenient services. This procedure was supposed in Zhukovsky initially, all the necessary infrastructure solutions were planned at the design stage. Delayed launch was caused by the need to comply with all requirements of the Russian law and prepare regulatory documents. Now this work has been completed, so I’m happy to say that Zhukovsky has taken one more step on the way to becoming the most convenient airport for passengers. “

Passengers of the “Ural Airlines” will be first to evaluate the new service. This airline has the widest and fastest-growing route network from the Moscow region airport. In the near future, the airline’s agents will begin to inform passengers who use the Zhukovsky International Airport as a transit point, about the possibility of using through check-in.

The next steps will be the expansion of the list of airlines providing these services to passengers and the conclusion of interline agreements in order to form a single ticket for the full route.